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Aug 212014

Every piece of jewelry that you purchase augments the level of passion you possess for jewels. They incur vivacity and vigor to your casket with their bright and moderate hues. This is exactly what colored gemstone stud earrings add to your collection.

Women have an innate love for earrings and they also wish to have novelty in their ear candies. Even though the jewelry realm bestows us with some outstanding and precious gemstones that can be adorned forever, sometimes there arises a fascination towards semi-precious stunners, namely aquamarine, peridot, amethyst, citrine, and many others.

Your wardrobe might consist of numerous ear lovelies, but below mentioned are some of the pretty pieces that you can’t resist owning. These are exclusive and pretty gemstone studs that you can see at Angara online jewelry store.

Aquamarine Martini
You can feel the softness of soothing blue sky with this pair. These are simple and dainty round aquamarines that are prong set that snugly clasp your earlobes. Also, they are very lightweight and a graceful match with any contrasting or white colored outfit. The earrings are pleasing to turn into an everyday wear.

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Square Citrine
This is a shining duo that seems to be dipped in the river of gold. The square shape enhances the radiance and brilliance of citrine gem. Furthermore, they appear as the sun glowing bright in the clear sky, which is a very relaxing sight to watch. These canary studs make up an elegant twosome for summer weddings.


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Purple solitaire
The color purple/lavender leads us to sense the glamour of amethyst. It is a little bold hue that everyone is not easily convinced for. However, this kind of pair of round purple stud earrings has been flaunted by many leading divas of our Hollywood. In fact, some of them have dared to team this enchanting with the rich green of emeralds in their danglers. Undoubtedly, they present a striking and show-stopping appearance that allures all eyes towards them.

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