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Mar 032015

Do you have birthdays in March? Are you looking for some special gift ideas to surprise your friend, girlfriend, mother or anyone special born in March? With celebrating Women’s Day, March, the month of aquamarine also welcomes spring. Certainly, people born in March should get a gift as beautiful as the month.


Let’s talk about few gift ideas for your loved ones born in March.


· If your girlfriend/boyfriend is born in March, he/she is either an Arian or Piscean. Aries people are outspoken, bold, fiery, whereas, Piscean people have their heads constantly stuck in the clouds, and are creative souls who value their uniqueness. Pearl and crystal jewelry is the great expression of the Pisces spirit. For Arians, the signature colour is red so rubies would be there first choice as they always retain their deep passionate lava tones. Anything like ruby earrings, pendants or signature rings would do the job.

· An Aquamarine studded earrings or a ring or may be a pendant is the best gift option for anyone born in March. Aquamarine is officially the birthstone for March. Along with mesmerizing appeal and beauty of the stone, it has the power to lift the spirits and calms the nerves. It symbolise love, affection, happiness and care. It strengthen the weaken relationships. Aquamarine is also said to heal ailments of throat, jaws and stomach and liver disorders.


· People born in March are very ambitious and are extremely driven individuals with plenty of plans. A book would be a good suggestion for them –includes some inspirational quotes, a biography of any successful person that motivates them every day.

· To flower lovers a bouquet of daffodils would be a great present as this is month’s official birth flower or may be any lovely floral accessory like necklace with floral details, floral hoop earrings are perfect choice for the upcoming season.

· Handmade scrapbook or a notebook, a sketchbook or a cute diary would be of great use to march babies who are daydreamers by nature. They keep thinking most of the time so giving these would help them jotting down the ideas and keeping their thoughts and dreams organised.


· As they tend to enjoy loneliness, they are also very caring and relish in good company. Start gathering your friends, take birthday girl or boy to a fun adventurous trip, and plan as per their tastes. Much of the March folks enjoy spiritual and cultural events, so consider taking them on a unique remembering trip for lifetime.

Hope these ideas would surely help you find what’s best suited to your loved ones as per their choices and interests for making them feel special.

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