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Oct 142014

Halloween is drawing near and without losing much time now, you have to think of the character you would play in this year’s party. Fancy and florid costumes are the essences of this disguised occasion. Just like no celebration is complete without the sound of music, there is no fun in dressing without the inclusion of rightful accessories. A character such as White or Dark Angel is dreary without wings, wand, tiara, and of course the striking jewelry.

Adornments wonderfully complement your outfits, no matter what the occasion is. A Halloween costume is lonesome without the sparkle of jewels. Whether you play a hot vampire or Charlies little angels, you definitely need a touch of jewelry in minimized or jumbo form. 2014 has come up with some interesting and extravagant fashion trends in the jewelry industry. So why not adhere to the trends and make a wondrous appearance on this year’s Halloween blowout.

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Being elaborate and over-sized in your blings had been the craze of the year. Statement necklaces, chandelier earrings, and all-finger rings are notable styles of many celebrities on the red carpet. Play smart and pick up a whooping jewelry ensemble for your Halloween costume similar to that of the A-list stars. Mix 2014’s jewelry trends with the Halloween getup of celebrities as put on in the last few years. You could surely come out as a spooky fashion fiesta for the evening.


Recently Updated81 1024x731 Impressive Jewelry: A Must Have to Complete Your Halloween Look

It’s no complexity to be decked, harmonizing your bijoux with the kind of outfit you take on the Hallows eve. Get inspired with the Halloween appearances of Snooki and Vanessa Hudgens and make a fashion statement in your friend or relative’s party this year.

Where Vanessa loaded her neck and hands with bohemian fashion jewelry such as colorful, beaded necklaces and bracelets, Snooki concluded her masquerade of ‘White Queen from Alice in Wonderland’ with a detailed and glittering multilayered diamond necklace.

Now if you say that will it be viable to get into elegant and sparkling jewelry with your devilish look, I would say just remember Taylor Momsen at ‘Material Girl’ collection launch. She amazed the audience with her scary black look; her eyes were deep-set in the jet black makeup. But she didn’t forget to decorate her neck with a sleek and elegant red chain pendant and a pearl necklace as a windup to her demeanor. Being complex and imposing in your makeup and thereby, opting for refined and chic jewelry is yet another fantastic combo to emerge in the Halloween parties.

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