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May 152015

It becomes difficult express through words when you have a lot to express. This is exactly happening with me while I am writing this post. I have many things to share and express but finding it strange that no words seems suitable for my emotions. I am overwhelmed.


Ok. Let’s starts with the most recent incident. Mother’s Day was on May 10. It was splendid. I could not imagine it being so special for me. I always find ways to make Mother’s Day memorable for my mom but this year I got surprises from my family. Thanks to my little bundle of joy. I am loving and enjoying motherhood.

Being a mommy for the first time definitely has many advantages. You become the center of attraction, everybody pampers you a lot and every new experience with the baby fills you with unlimited joy and proud. I am not an exception to this. Since he was born, I am enjoying a life of a princess. And Mother’s Day this year has just added another milestone to my celebration.


It all started with wishes from family and friends but the most incredible moment was when my husband wished me with our baby and I saw something unusual in baby’s hand. To my surprise, it was the same ‘Mother and Child’ birthstone pendant we have seen at one of the blogs while searching gifts for our mothers. More precisely, it was here.

A lovely 14k yellow gold pendant with three birthstone – just perfect to represent our family. I couldn’t imagine anything more significant than this beautiful Mother’s Pendant from Angara. It was prettier than the image. My husband got it personalized with our birthstones and as I am wearing it, I actually feel more connected with him and the baby. I don’t know if it is the power of birthstones or I am getting too emotional, but I am loving it.


This fabulous first Mother’s Day gift will always remain close to my heart and remind me of that sweetest moment when my baby was born.

About its accessory power – I can easily flaunt it with any outfit from formal to casual.


Thanks Leelo for suggesting it and thanks Angara for making this incredible piece of love. I am actually overwhelmed!!!

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