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Mar 232015

We all love gemstone jewelry and like to adorn ourselves with them. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds etc. have allured our hearts since ages and their charm never seem to fade away. But, did you know that these gems are much more than just beauty? Each one of them has various healing properties and spiritual powers.

fine gemstone jewelry

Let us discuss some of the popular gemstones in detail-

Ruby: Popularly known as the most powerful gemstone of all, ruby is believed to increase passion, love, vigor and zest to live life. Associated with the basic chakra, it is said to boost the wish to earn and work. In Asian countries, it is believed that it is good if couple exchanges a ruby ring; which is probably the reason why Mark Zuckerberg chose a ruby ring for his American Asian wife.

Ruby Jewelry

Emerald: Egyptians love this green colored gemstone very much. Their ancestors believed that this is the gemstone of Venus- the goddess of love. Besides love, emerald is popularly known to be the best gemstone to bestow luck and prosperity on the wearer.

emerald jewelry

Sapphire: Did you know that blue is not the only color of sapphires? These are also available in other hues like pink, orange, yellow, white etc. These all colors are said to influence the wearer differently. Blue sapphires are believed to protect the wearer against evil and misfortune. In olden days, people wore blue sapphire as a talisman to keep themselves safe from harm and danger.

Sapphire Jewelry

Diamonds: People love these glittering gemstones since ages. They sparkle brilliantly and are the hardest known gem. It is believed that diamonds do not render any specific influence, but increase the effect of the other gems worn with them. These gemstones are very famous for engagement rings.

Diamond Jewelry

We hope that after reading the properties and powers of gemstones, you will further enjoy wearing them.

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