Extra 15% OFF on Angara's Colored Gemstone Jewelry
Nov 202014

I love holiday season. Of course, it brings out the creative instinct in you but more than that, it gives another good reason to shop. For people like me who love to shop, Thanksgiving Day is the best time to start your festive shopping. It is because all the retailers both local and online start their season sale on or before Thanksgiving. While few offers might not be very lucrative, others could be wonderful.

Best Jewelry Shopping Deal Ever 1024x545 The Best Jewelry Shopping Deal Ever
As I keep on exploring various online stores, I have found that Angara.com has already started their holiday sale. Angara is an online jewelry store with finest quality gemstone jewelry. I was surprise to see the exceptional quality they are providing at such competitive prices. They have brilliant collection of diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald and tanzanite jewelry. From rings, earrings and pendants to engagement rings and wedding bands, it was wonderful to find iconic and timeless pieces with quality craftsmanship.

The store is offering up to 15% off with assured gifts. What I liked the most about this offer was the option to choose my gift. Now that is what I called a jackpot for me. I mean, I am getting my favorite fine gemstone jewelry at a discount price and then I can pick the gift that best suits me. Isn’t that amazing?

angara special offers1 The Best Jewelry Shopping Deal Ever

Before I shop, I wanted to make sure that everything about the offer and the jewelry is authentic. So I have spoken with one of their experts. To my surprise, it wasn’t only the discount and gifts they were offering. The add-ons also included free shipping within the USA, guaranteed 30-Day Returns, Easy Installment Payment option along with quick customization.

I have decided to buy these black onyx stud earrings for my Thanksgiving feast. They suit my party dress perfectly.

black onyx stud earrings for my Thanksgiving feast The Best Jewelry Shopping Deal Ever

I would suggest looking out the store if you want quality jewelry that lasts for a lifetime. Also, share your online jewelry shopping experience and favorite store details because Christmas is yet to come.

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