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Oct 202014

Photographed by Justin Coit for BYRDIE.COM October 2014, the Zimbabwe-born actress of the drama series ‘The Walking Dead’ stunned all with her bold, powerful and determined feminine looks. This month’s original beauty edition of BYRDIE.COM featured the fearless and ravishing Danai Gurira, who made a valiant and elegant appearance, setting a statement for all women on the earth. Her dresses, jackets, jewelry and facial expressions were quite dramatic in all pictures.

main.original.585x0 Danai Gurira Celebrates Womanhood on BYRDIE.COM, October 2014main.original.585x0 Danai Gurira Celebrates Womanhood on BYRDIE.COM, October 2014

Gurira mentioned that she and colors work well together and she is not apprehensive about illustrating her feminism through makeup and skincare. One of the most envy looks was when she arrived in a sleeveless jumpsuit, stylishly holding an orange coat in her hands. Her metallic journey earrings, charm bracelet and fashionable metal rings showed off her sophisticated and gorgeous style of living.

main.original.585x0 Danai Gurira Celebrates Womanhood on BYRDIE.COM, October 2014main.original.585x0 Danai Gurira Celebrates Womanhood on BYRDIE.COM, October 2014

A tender, girlish pose with closed eyes, one hand covering her left face and a charming smile made a super-wow shot. The way she had let her steaminess hang out in this picture is worth mentioning. Her ears are embraced with massive studs and one of her fingers is stacked exquisitely with two similar triple-shank rings.

main.original.585x0 Danai Gurira Celebrates Womanhood on BYRDIE.COM, October 2014

All of her snapshots were absolute and unbroken with a touch of metal and stone jewelry in one or the other form. This Zimbabwean-American starlet has undoubtedly thrilled her enthusiasts with such Diva demeanors and brought out a hidden inspiring face of every existing female.

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