Extra 15% OFF on Angara's Colored Gemstone Jewelry
Nov 302015

Black Friday 2015 is over, but the extreme holiday savings are continuing in the form of our Cyber Monday sale. As the biggest online shopping day of the years, Cyber Monday offers great deals and deep discounts on variety of items from laptops to brand name TVs, shoes, beauty products, jewelry and more.


According to an IBM Benchmark study, shoppers spent over $1 billion on Cyber Monday. Considering the analytical figures of Black Friday in previous years and the expected hike this year, the value this Cyber Monday is predicted to go higher ( even double).

If you have missed the Black Friday deals, you have been waiting for long or you have planned to shop exclusive items only on Cyber Monday, then this step-by-step guide will ensure you get the best deals and save more than expected.

Get Ready

Before you hop online to grab the deals, you should be organized so that you pick only the best of the stuff. Here is how you can do that:

· Make a list of items you want to buy. This is not limited to your holiday gift shopping and may include other stuff that you need, and could be available online at best price.

· If you know the shopping sites, instantly sign-up for their emailers, newsletters; follow them on Twitter, and frequently visit their Facebook page. Most online stores send special deals and coupons in emails and share latest updates on social media platforms.

· Reading customer reviews on different marketplaces help knowing a lot about the store’s service and quality. You can also use shopping comparison sites to find the best store for a certain category. numerous sites have specific database in different categories such as fashion, electronics, jewelry, toys and more. However, PriceGrabber.com, Price Watch.com, Shop Advisor.com, Shopping.com and Yahoo Shopping are best to refer for Cyber Monday.

More Ways to Save

Sites like Overstock.com, QVC.com and Smart bargains.com are great options to nab a deal on brand names. Another way to increase your savings is to sign up for price alerts at sites such as Price Pinx bookmark let, Zappos.com and PriceGrabber.com.

Promotions codes are one of the best ways to get deep discounts. Many sites such as Retail Me Not.com list hundreds of promotion codes in different categories. You may look for your favorite online store’s coupon codes at these sites or directly check at the store. Compare the codes and see what offer suits you best.

Check for shipping and return cost as they may saves hundreds of dollars in many cases. Stores such as Angara.com are giving free shipping within the USA and international shipping is free on orders above $500.

Shop Smart

Cyber Monday may bring more frauds then genuine deals. Therefore, make sure you shop only from trusted, authentic stores. Use your credit card as your debit card may expose your bank account to cyber theft.

Find multiple coupon codes and use that offers more discounts with additional benefits such as free gifts.

As everyone shops top to bottom, inventory on the top quickly goes out of stock. So start your search from bottom to top.

Extra Tips:

· Keep refreshing your screen for regular updates.

· Add your products to cart, so that you don’t have to waste time in searching for items at eleventh hour.

· Speak to customer executives for more discounts or additional gifts.

Soon, Cyber Monday deals will go online, so make sure you are prepared to catch the best ones and save bigger.

Enjoy Shopping!

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