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Apr 082015

We all know that diamond is popularly known as the gemstone forever. People often associate this to its forever brilliance, but only a few of us know that ‘Diamonds are forever’, this quote came into being due to its hardness. It is the hardest known gemstone, which measures 10/10 on Mohs scale.

Diamonds-10-10- on-the-Mohs-scale

It is due to this hardness that diamonds can easily be cut into any shape and size, thus making our jewelry more beautiful and alluring. But, did you know that this is not the only distinctive characteristic which makes it different from other gemstones, but it has various other specific and unique healing properties and mystical powers as well.

Diamonds are popularly known to keep away the effect of poisoning on the wearer. It is also believed that the owner of this dazzling gemstone enjoys harmony, love, prosperity and abundance. Symbol of purity, diamond is birthstone of the month of April and a 60th anniversary gemstone.


Diamonds are known to be effective in problems like constipation and urine retention. It is also believed to strengthen the nerves and sensory organs. This sparkling gemstone is said to help the people who meditate. They believe that diamonds carry high frequency energy and help them open up their crown chakra. It is also said that these gems can be mood elevators.


Mostly used in engagement rings, diamonds are equally loved in other jewelry like earrings, necklace, brooch, bracelet etc. Worn with any other gemstone, they never fail to compliment and complement you!

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