Extra 15% OFF on Angara's Colored Gemstone Jewelry
Jan 062012

Sometimes it is too difficult to decide the right and matching accessory that could compliment our looks and goes perfect with our dress. In such situation I believe a pair of simple gemstone studs is all we need. Earrings are the jewelry that could effortlessly enhance our looks. They make your face look more graceful and add the right amount of glamor.

Chandeliers, drops, hoops, dangles etc are different types of earrings. All of these have their own significance and provide the decorative quality in a very noteworthy form. But gemstone stud earrings are what you can pick when you think of something simple, classic, graceful and gorgeous. Generally studs are a type of earrings where a single stone is set in metal.

The gemstones could be of any shape. Round, oval, cushion, square, rectangle, emerald-cut and heart shape are some of the common shapes found in stud earrings. The stones are set in prong or bezel setting. The major focus of stud earrings is to maximize the stone visibility so metal is used in less amount. And mostly four prong setting is used for studs as the metal ratio is less in this case

Gemstone studs are very popular among folks as they provide an array of colors. Diamond studs are though colorless but lend beautiful brilliance of light. Sapphire, emerald, ruby and tanzanite earrings are other very popular options.

Where other types of earrings are specific for some special occasions, studs can be used for every occasion. Whether you are in office or going for shopping and even dressing for a party and dinner, gemstone stud earrings can imperially join you for every event.

It’s not always necessarily be a single stone in each studs, if you like some twist from the regular style go for halo studs where the colored center stone is encircled by small diamonds. The different styles of combination setting bring some spectacular stud designs. Flower, star and dome are few well-known designs in gemstone studs.

So just add few pairs of studs to your New Year collection and enjoy the opulent fashion every day.