Extra 15% OFF on Angara's Colored Gemstone Jewelry
Apr 222011

Earth Day is celebrated to demonstrate an awareness that the glory days of fossil fuels are over and new heights need to be achieved in renewable. It is a day to remember what gives us life. Earth Day is mobilizing the power of people to create change by taking small steps in our homes, our schools and our businesses that add up to an enormous collective action.

Angara.com is giving you a chance to give a priceless gift to Mother Earth by just buying any jewelry today. For any product that you buy today, we will plant a tree on your behalf. There can be no better way to celebrate this unique day. Shop for as many products as many tree you wants to be planted in your name. Let’s celebrate Earth’s unique place in the universe by gifting a tree this earth day.

Protecting Earth is every person’s and every country’s responsibility. Using reusable shopping bags, researching recycling centers in your area, reducing your carbon footprint or some other green intention might not be in your reach but you can still decide to "do something" for the earth starting today just by shopping with us. Nothing can more joyful than being happy with your favorite jewelry and at the same time making earth a greener place to live.