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Aquamarine Diamond Border Pendant

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Jan 022014

The bright blue color of the fresh water is exhibited amazingly in the “Aquamarine Stone”. This lovely stone is becoming choice of the masses these days and hence the jewelers worldwide are extensively using this in their jewelry.

Round Aquamarine and Diamond Border Pendant

The leading online jewelry store, Angara.com has brought forth a large collection of exclusively designed aquamarine jewelry. The “Round Aquamarine and Diamond Border Pendant” is one of the best sellers at the store and it is loved for its evergreen design and mesmerizing attraction.

The pendant features a round shaped aquamarine stone as the center stone and is bordered with brilliant round diamonds. These diamonds add sparkle to the jewelry. This pendant is fit to wear both with the casual wear and the formal wear. Set in 14K white gold, this pendant is an epitome of beauty and art.

Aquamarine Diamond Border Pendant

There is a fantastic surprise with this piece of jewelry. The online store gives away a 14K white gold chain measuring 18 inches, absolutely FREE with this pendant. This will relieve you of hunting for the matching chain for the pendant.

Hurry and purchase this pendant and flaunt off your unique choice when it comes to jewelry!

May 302012

How to hide the engagement ring when you pop the question is something that everyone is interested to find out. Some put it inside the wine glass of their girl, others hide it inside the bouquet some put it inside the cake. All they are trying to see is the surprised expression when the beloved discovers this piece of jewelry where she is not expecting it. But here is a brain surgeon who tried a similar trick that took a disastrous turn. So just read this article as you will not want to repeat the similar mistake. 

Dr Steve Carr had planned a very unique way to propose to Mary Naam. He decided to hide the diamond engagement ring at a Florida beach for his girl friend to find but his plan went awry when he was about to execute it. If things had happened as he had planned Ms Naam would have discovered the ring while they were both digging around in the sand while on holiday from Colorado.

Round-Sapphire-Curve-Ring Heart-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Ring

It took some time before he realized that the ring has gone missing. He said that it was not a good idea and he would advice all the young fellows planning to surprise their girlfriends to avoid doing something like this. If you are wondering if the couple could find the ring after all! Yes they did but not very easily. There were a dozen helpers, including members of the public and resort staff, helping them to comb the beach for the missing ring but with little success. So, finally the girl in question searched the net for ring finders. It was with the help of the expert who came with the metal detector that the couple was finally able to find the ring.

Round-Diamond-Centered-Flower-Wrap-Ring Round-Diamond-Fleur-De-Lis-Ring

As for the answer to the question, Ms Naam accepted the proposal and said the ring will never leave her my finger again. She was all smiles when she said that you gotta feel sorry for the guy when you see him digging around in the rain for a couple of hours. Such a sweet gesture definitely calls for yes as the answer.

All is well that ends well so Dr Carr said that he wasn’t worried about the expense at all he was really keen to get engaged with her at the earliest.

Design your own gemstone heart pendant to signify your special concern for her

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Jan 042012

A heart pendant is a simple yet unique gift for showing your love and care for someone special. Heart is the symbol of life and jewelry is the symbol of precious piece. When you present someone a heart pendant it shows that your life is for them and their life is precious for you.

A heart pendant can be the most suitable gift for any occasion. It’s not only limited to Valentine’s Day gift, you can present a heart pendant on birthday, anniversary or any memorable events that you like to cherish till eternity.

When you think of gifting a heart pendant remember that your selection must be thoughtful enough to convey the right message to the receiver. Gemstone pendants with heart shaped stones or metal are the most popular once. An array of such pendants is available to select from. If you want to pick a more personalized piece for gifting than you can even customize your own heart pendant design.

Before selecting a pendant decide the metal and stone of your choice. Rubies cut in heart shape looks great with yellow gold. A relatively bold ruby stud pendant in yellow gold will surely work well. It will reflect your passion, sensibility and admiration towards the receiver.

It will be a simple yet memorable gift for someone. If you want more extravagant brilliance then add diamonds in a halo setting in white gold or platinum. White metal with diamonds will expand the sparkling area and will make a bold statement of style.

You can choose a heart key pendant set with emeralds and diamonds. It will signify that the key of your heart is she. Emeralds symbolize nature, growth and happiness and diamonds express eternal love, devotion and strong relation. So a key heart pendant would conclude an always growing, happy and lasting relation full of love!

Options are endless; you can customize your own heart pendant in any way. The bottom line is that it will express your romantic and caring emotions for your special someone.

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Oct 032011

The bright and vibrant colors of gemstones are capable of brightening up any outfit and look in the most wonderful way and gemstone jewelry never ceases to grab loads of attention. Shopping for gemstone jewelry is always a lovely experience but there are a few things one must keep in mind while shopping for these incomparable beauties.

Round Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring

The most important thing is to look at the four C’s that determine the quality and value of gemstones and they are color, clarity, cut and carat. Out of these four discerning factors color is the most important criterion that decides how good a gemstone is. So when you are shopping for gemstone jewelry does a little homework on this especially if you have a particular gemstone in mind. If ever in doubt ask the jeweler for clarifications.

In case of your gemstone jewelry being a high end purchase ask for specifications of the gemstones that are used in the setting. The most authentic way of finding out would be to ask for the certificate of authenticity from a reputed body like GIA or AGS that details all characteristics as well as value of the gemstones as well as the jewelry.

Pear Emerald and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Visit a couple of jewelry stores or browse though a few online jewelry stores that specialize in gemstone jewelry and compare designs, prices and quality before you go ahead and place the order. Trust me you will enjoy your gemstone jewelry all the more if you know it is of good quality and make and at a price that is justified.

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