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Royal Ruby Gemstone

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Jun 062014

The fiery red color of the ruby gem is enough to attract the hearts of the onlookers. Probably, this is the reason why the Royal Ladies have time and again displayed their love for this stone by wearing ruby wedding rings. Let us have a look at the famous ruby rings of the Royal world-
1)    Grace Kelly’s Ring:
Her wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956 was one of the most memorable Royal weddings of the world. They knew each other just for a few days and the romance found a beautiful bond of wedding which lasted till the Lady died in 1982. It is interesting to know that initially the Prince presented Grace with a Cartier eternity band of rubies and diamonds, which was then replaced with a diamond ring, to match the trend of that time.

Grace Kelly's ring
2)    Princess Margaret’s Ring:
It will be not wrong to call her engagement ring as the most romantic ring. Her husband custom designed it and it is special not only because it had red ruby in it, which is symbol of love, but also because it was shaped to resemble a rose, to honor Princess Margaret’s middle name. This is indeed a thoughtful and great gesture.

Princess Margaret Ring
3)    Duchess Sarah’s Ring:
Another Royal ruby ring was worn by Duchess Sarah Ferguson which displayed a beautiful oval ruby as the center stone, surrounded by diamonds. Her husband, Prince Andrew chose this red hued stone as a nod to the lady’s fiery red hair.


Roses Are Red And So Are The Ruby Gemstones!

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Feb 252014

There is no woman in the whole world whose heart won’t be allured with the enticing beauty of the red roses. The fresh and velvety hue captivates the attention of the onlooker in no time. This color is well displayed in Ruby gem and it brings this hue in jewelry in a distinctive manner.

Red Colored Ruby Jewelry

You can wear the ruby jewelry for all occasions. They won’t fail to give you the desired look, whether you are going for a party, wedding, date or a simple holiday. The best part is that it goes well both with the formal and the casual outfits.

Holiday Look

Holiday Look

Some people like to add a touch of sparkle to their red jewelry by having diamonds in them. This creates a beautifully dazzling jewelry. There are also the people who like to contrast the red color of the ruby with various other colored gemstones as emerald, sapphire, tanzanite, etc. This makes a colorful jewelry exhibiting radiance and glamour!

You can choose your ruby jewelry in whatever style you want and the red hued gemstone jewelry will speak of your best taste in jewelry!

Jul 262011

Ruby red is the color of passion and love and Ruby rings are very popular as anniversary gifts. Recognized as a replacement for traditional diamond rings as it signifies love and the rubies set in gleaming white gold or even platinum are most captivating due to their color. Ruby is less expensive than diamond however museum quality rubies can cost more than diamonds.

The most popular design is ruby flower ring. Angara.com has a beautiful collection of floral designs in various budgets that you could choose from. Below are 3 popular best sellers for ruby rings for viewing pleasure.


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