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Feb 042012

Gemstone jewelry has such magical powers that it easily turns glare into glow. The intriguing designs with alluring colors are the most desirable part of gemstone jewelry. If you think you should spoil yourself a little with some customize gemstone jewelry that will not only expand your style horizon but also be a cherishing addition to your collection, then we have some great ideas to get it for you.

The world of gemstones has unlimited surprises. It’s difficult to get each of the gems that are there on the earth. But few of the famous deserves to be yours. So decide your list of liked gemstones. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds are by default the favorites of all and surely you must be having few of these.

Another gemstone that must be considered with top priority is tanzanite. It is a bit new addition in the gem world but has quickly made a significant position in the hearts and vaults of many.

Your birthstone is also an important chunk which you should include in your stone list. If you are a February born then the royal purple amethyst is your prized birthstone. And if it’s March then aquamarine studs or pendant can easily make their way into your heart!

Now check for the metal and settings. Gold, platinum and silver are all time hits. In recent times even palladium and titanium have also made a strong fan club. But they are even costlier then platinum. We believe the most suitable are platinum if the budget is higher than high and gold if the budget is on the higher side. Prong, bezel, pave, channel and tension are few regular settings.

Once you are done with the selection and design either get a readymade jewelry that goes with your thoughts or go for customization. Although many online jewelry stores like angara.com has a rich collection and you might not need any customization. In fact chances are that you might get the exact jewelry you have pictured. But if it’s not the case ask for a customize design and explain your design to the jeweler.

Easy Steps to Design Your Own Dream Jewelry

Easy Steps to Design Your Own Jewelry

Step: 1 – Select Center Gemstone Size

Easy Steps to Build Your Own Jewelry

Step: 2 – Select Gemstone Quality 

Easy Steps to Customize Your Own Jewelry

Step: 3 – Select Metal Type

Easy Steps to Design Your Own Jewelry

Step: 4 – Engraving

Easy Steps to Design Your Own Jewelry

Final Peace of dream jewelry

Oval Emerald and Round Diamond Ring

Don’t overburden yourself by picking lots of pieces at one time. Instead, decide your budget and fairly invest it in your fine jewelry. It’s always good to go for variety. Sapphire ring, ruby pendant, emerald earrings and more like these will not only enrich your collection, they will add a substantial touch of elegance at different times whenever you require it. On the other hand you can even make a perfect set of a particular gemstone like diamond ring and pendant or sapphire earrings and ring with pendant that will flaunt the radiance for your different looks.

Now that you have so many ideas, design your own jewelry and dazzle the world!

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