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Dec 262011

Though giving gifts to your special someone doesn’t need any reason yet it is good to present a unique gift on a special occasion like New Year to celebrate the year they’ve had with you and to look forward to your shared future.

When you are presenting her a gift loaded with your feelings then make sure it should be as special as she is for you. And what could be a better option than a jewelry gift to surprise her as the clock strikes twelve. There are so many unique and elegant jewelry gifts available; you’ll surely find a best New Year present to surprise her. By simply and carefully observing her choice for jewelry you can get a piece of her thoughts this year. If you are still finding it difficult to pick a right gift for her, then we can help you with that. Here are some rocking options that will never miss to please a lady.


5. Tennis Bracelet – if she is a hard-core fashionista then a tennis bracelet is a perfect New Year gift for her. It lends fun, glamour and sparkle with elegance and sophistication. A tennis bracelet is a right piece to compliment her simple and brilliant looks. Whether studded with diamonds or any other gemstones, such a gift will allure her and she’ll surely treasure it for years to come.


4. Diamond Stud earrings – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend so a pretty pair of diamond studs is the right choice for her New Year surprise. These simple and elegant earrings will give a classy touch to her looks. And she’ll surely fall in love with them. It’s quite difficult to pick a jewelry gift that a girl would love at first sight but diamond studs are the best universal present that no one can ever ignore.


3. Eternity Band – if you are married then nothing is better than an eternity band to express her what she is for you. An eternity band is a classy and gorgeous gift for any lady. You can pick one with diamonds or can customize it by choosing her favorite stone or her birthstone. This will make her even more special. Eternity bands are glamorous and elite and symbolize forever togetherness so they make a perfect New Year gift for your expressions of emotions.

Round-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Heart-Pendant-in-14K-White-Gold_SP0132SD Heart-Sapphire-and-Round-Diamond-Double-Twist-Pendant_SP0480S

2. Heart Pendant – A heart pendant is a classy all time jewelry piece. By gifting her heart pendant you could express her how much she means to you. Heart pendants come in various designs. A personalized and thoughtful piece will work best like this blue sapphire and diamond heart pendant that is showing you and me are together forever.


1. Engagement Ring – No gift is better than a sparkling engagement ring! You love her and want her to be with you forever. So proposing her on New Year’s Eve with a stunning engagement is the best gift for her. Vintage style bold engagement rings are in vogue. They symbolize eternal love and say that the relation will become more beautiful with every passing year.

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